ADP issues persist, some employee still without paychecks


Webster University student Lena Braylock said she clocked in using Webster’s Automatic Date Processing Data Inc. (ADP) payroll and human resources system for two weeks and did not receive a paycheck.

She works for the Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) as a program assistant. When Braylock did not get paid, she proceeded to check her account to make sure everything was set up correctly. Her ADP account stated her initial check would be sent to the university’s address.  Braylock checked with the mailing department and as of Tuesday, Feb. 11, she had not received payment.

“I called payroll, and they said there is nothing they can do for 10 days,” Braylock said. “I checked back with them and they told me, ‘Well, because of snow and the mailing problems, then that’s probably why it hasn’t been here.”

Payroll told Braylock both her W-2 and paycheck were mailed around the same time. But, Braylock does not have her check yet.

Webster threw away paper timesheets at the end of last semester and launched ADP. Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Kenneth Freeman, told The Journal in a previous interview that the service is used to manage logging hours and allows employees to create their own ADP account.

Patrick Giblin, Webster director of public relations, said in an email interview that the university recently learned of errors in data input into the ADP system. The errors delayed paychecks for a small number of students.

“A computer system only works as well as the operator using it and data entered into it. Each employee and their supervisor is responsible for correctly capturing and approving their time,” Giblin said in the email interview. “They may check the accuracy of their information, both when they input their hours, as well as when time cards are approved at the end of each pay period.”

Braylock’s bosses told her to get an emergency loan through Career Services to help her get by financially until her check comes in.

“My bosses encouraged me to get at least half of what my actual paycheck is, because that way whatever amount I have when I get my check will already be taken out,” Braylock said. “So, it’s not like I’m giving my whole paycheck.”

Christopher Whitmore, senior political science major, also works for the MCISA as a program assistant. He missed a paycheck during the first pay period after ADP’s launch. He received a paycheck for the following cycle but is still waiting to get that first check he missed.

“Department heads, our supervisors, are aware of the missing payments,” Whitmore said. “They have been working with their contacts in order to make sure that the student employees are getting the money that we’ve worked for.”

Rene Murph, MCISA department associate, is currently having issues with clocking herself in, as well as her employees. Students frequently come to her about having to be manually clocked in.

“There hasn’t been any communication about how long we can expect these delays with the system,” Murph said. “I think students will feel better knowing there’s not going to be any consequences.”

She keeps a notebook for when her employees are unable to clock in. She said there is a comment box where supervisors can place explanations regarding the time stamps. However, she said  she is concerned about reoccurring issues in the reports.

“Having this as a new system here is definitely frustrating for some students,” Whitmore said. “It’s frustrating for departments, and the hope is that after awhile things will just smoothen out and we can have a better system.”

The Payroll Office and Career Services were contacted regarding this issue. Both departments referred The Journal to Giblin.

Giblin said in the email interview that if any employee on campus has concerns or problems regarding their pay, they should contact the payroll department.
“Our highest priority is to make sure everyone is paid correctly and in a timely manner,” Giblin said in the email.

Giblin said students, faculty or staff who have difficulty using the ADP system should contact

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