University purchases new equipment in response to fall Delegates’ Agenda request


During winter break, Webster University purchased and installed new workout equipment in its Fitness Center. The new equipment was in response to a request made by students at the fall 2013 Delegates’ Agenda.

Webster held a grand opening on Jan. 15 to present the equipment. Students, staff and faculty members attended the event to see the new upgrades.

Webster University President Elizabeth Stroble gave a tour of the Fitness Center and cut the ceremonial ribbon.

The university promised to upgrade any machine or equipment that was nine years  old or older.

Nine Matrix workout machines, two treadmills, an elliptical, dumbbells, jump ropes, workout mats and two new televisions were added to the Fitness Center.

Staff member Hezekiah McCaskill tries out the new Matrix equipment in the Fitness Center. PHOTO BY HANNAH ROLLING
Staff member Hezekiah McCaskill tries out the new Matrix equipment in the Fitness Center. PHOTO BY HANNAH ROLLING

Tia Hewuse, a presenter at the fall 2013 Delegates’ Agenda, said the old Fitness Center equipment was dated or broken, and there was a lack of space in the center. She said people did not feel comfortable coming into the Fitness Center to work out.

“By getting new equipment, it would not only solve the issue of the old equipment and taking out the broken equipment, but it would also save some space,” Hewuse said.

After the ribbon cutting, Matt Saitz, Webster’s strength and conditioning coach gave workout demonstrations. Saitz demonstrated how to have perfect form and exercise safely to the attendees of the event.

Saitz said the new equipment gives the athletic department more versatility.

“When you get new equipment, it always gets everybody a little more excited and interested to get into the weight room and better themselves,” Saitz said.

Healthy refreshments were provided at the event, along with simple workout instructions to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Although Webster student Andrew Gribat doesn’t use the circuit machines often, he said the upgrades make him more interested to use the machines on a regular basis.

“Now that there are new machines, I might try them out,” Gribat said.

The Fitness Center hosted on an average weekday about one hundred students, faculty and community members. Since the new equipment has been installed, Webster said there has been a significant spike in Fitness Center attendance.

Carlton Poindexter, a Fitness Center employee and junior at Webster University, said the center has seen an increase in visitors, so he thinks the students and faculty are pleased.

“We have new equipment and it’s revamped, so people want to come in. It’s easy to use, and if they have any questions, we at the Fitness Center are here to help,” Poindexter said. “Hopefully it promotes a more active campus.”

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