Administration adds voter initatiative webpage in response to TurboVote


The administration will not integrate TurboVote into Webster’s online student portal. The Delegates’ Agenda proposal would implement TurboVote through Connections. TurboVote was the Fall Delegates’ Agenda’s most voted for proposal.

Webster sophomore Gabrielle Deimeke and junior Casslyn Crain presented TurboVote at the Oct. 15 Delegates’ Agenda. The program connects voters with voting resources, such as information on registering for elections and election reminders. It also assists users with both local and national elections.

To partner with TurboVote, Webster would need to yield student information. Kenneth Freeman, the vice president and chief information officer in internet technology, said using TurboVote should be an individual choice because the site requires personal information. The university would be held partially responsible if a security breach of TurboVote’s data jeopardized student information.

The administration’s response outlined plans to connect students with voting resources through a Webster run web page. The page will disseminate voting information and will include a link to TurboVote. A link to this page will be placed in Connections.

Barbara O’Malley, associate vice president and chief communications officer, said every voting season Webster “could actually plug this site on social media and do an article for Webster today, post it on our website, driving people to this voting information page.”

Deimeke presented TurboVote in an effort to raise voter awareness. She said the voter page is a step in the right direction.

“The amount of students at congressional and regional elections is so incredibly low. We just want to raise it a little bit.” Deimeke said. “I think we have a big need to increase voter information and registration on campus. I think they chose this as a way to start the conversation.”

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