Confessions of a drama fiend


Confession: I hate Webster Confessions. No, I’m not disappointed in the drama the page has created, but I certainly don’t think it’s anything positive for anyone participating. I just think the page has quickly gotten stale.

I saw Webster Confessions within hours of its creation. At first it was funny, and it seemed pretty genuine. Before the current rules were established, people were publishing names on the page, which I didn’t agree with.

The drama that was happening didn’t seem contrived. And I won’t lie, I had my popcorn in my hand, prepared to watch the train wreck happen before my drama-hungry eyes. I was hooked, spellbound by the delicious allure of the page.

However, as the page gained popularity, it lost its allure pretty quickly. An influx of people joined the page whose only goal, it seemed, was to ruin it for everyone else. It became really old to scroll down the page and see the same four people comment on every single post, saying mostly the same things.

I don’t want this to be all about how entertaining Webster Confessions isn’t, though. I want to remind everyone how bad it could make us look as a student body. For every legitimately funny thing posted to the page, there are about three things that aren’t funny. They either look bad being associated with Webster’s name, or look bad when students comment and attack the person for confessing it.

The confessions either got more depressing or more offensive as time went on — hardly funny. In fact, I was offended at how unfunny the page was. The bad ones confessed to completely unbelievable sex acts, were needlessly disgusting or were just trying way too hard to be edgy. Among the page’s worst offenders are confessions such as this:

“Confession: One time I had sex in Marletto’s after-hours with 10 basketball players and five baseball players”

And just like that, the page was ruined for me. This seems to be a trend with confession pages, though. It wasn’t unique. Webster’s confession pages just have an incredibly short shelf life. And the fact that it took so long for Webster to get a confession page didn’t help, because people already knew where this whole thing was going — right down the drain.

But the biggest problem is how out of date this page is. Confessions pages have been made everywhere. Bedazzlers are more current than this page. Frosted tips are more current than this page. And I’m pretty sure my old AIM screen name (deidarafreak12, for those of you wanting to know how cool I used to be) is more current than this page.

Now I’m not the type to get riled up about anything too easily, and Webster Confessions was not something I would normally have an opinion on. However, for some reason this page really started to make my blood boil, and it just wasn’t doing anybody any favors.

I would probably trace the anger back to my snarky attitude toward Internet trends. I consider myself to be on the up and up when it comes to the Internet, so I’m naturally a bit jaded by it. And that might be pretentious of me to say, but it’s not like I have much of a claim to fame aside from my Internet smarts. Just give me this one; I’m not even sure if there’s another talent I possess besides this.

Webster students are a pretty cool and unique group of people. We don’t need a page like this bringing us down. With the creativity I’ve seen on campus, I know that we can come up with something better. So let’s try to forget about Webster Confessions and find a more constructive and unique way to bond as a student body.


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