Univeristy improves outdoor common areas


When Meghan Steineker, junior political science major, presented on campus beautification at the spring Delegates’ Agenda she didn’t think she would see the pay off in her time at Webster University. But over the summer the university remodeled the area outside the Commuter Lounge in Sverdrup, the main focus of the presentation.

“Everytime I walk by it I have to smile,” Steineker said.

Steineker and her partner Mackenzie Wilder met with Gilbert Morales, manager of facilities operations, to discuss the logistics of the project. Steineker said that Morales was excited to have students working towards campus beautification alongside the facilities department.

“The fact that we were doing this issue meant a lot to (Morales) too,” Steineker said. “Because if the students are caring how the campus looks then that is going to get them motivated.”

Outside of the Commuter Lounge Steineker said she’s hoping the administration keeps working on providing campus space for students to spend their time outside of class. As well as making the retention pond behind the Garden Park Plaza Parking Garage a better resource for the biology department. For now, Steineker is happy something was able to be done before she graduates next year.

“I think it is absolutely beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” Steineker said. “It is exactly what I envisioned it could be and more.”

Mackenzie Wilder is the Photo Editor of The Journal

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