VIDEO: From Best Buds to Gorlok Golfers

Tyler Thorman, sophomore on the Webster University golf team, hits out of a bunker at Sunset Hills Country Club during his practice round on Sept. 10. This year he achieved a personal record at Sunset Hills shooting a 66. Thorman transferred to Webster after one season at Western Illinois University. He led the Gorloks in all of the team’s first three tournaments of the fall season. PHOTO BY HOLLY SWAN

Webster University sophomore Tyler Thorman was persuaded by his best friend, Webster sophomore Brodie Dakin, to join him on the Gorlok golf team. The two have been friends since first grade. Growing up in Macomb, Ill., they played on the same youth basketball team, and traveled to play in golf tournaments.

“Becoming best friends was probably one of the coolest things, and now he’s here with us (at Webster),” Dakin said.

When they are not competing in sports, Thorman said you can find them doing homework together, or watching TV shows like “The Office”, “The League” or “Entourage” Dakin said they are “two peas in a pod.”

“We’re like any other normal friendship,” Thorman said. “We got each other’s back. (We’re) always there for each other.”

Thorman recalled needing a change of scenery after one year on the D-I Western Illinois University golf team. He is a business administration major and thought St. Louis, Mo., offered more opportunities to find a job after graduation. Dakin knew Thorman wanted to transfer and began the recruiting process.

“I just kept really pushing for it and told him how great it was to be away from home and experience new things, too,” Dakin said.

Thorman is leading the Gorlok golf team. He shot the lowest scores for the team in its first three tournaments. He shot a career best, 66, at Sunset Country Club in a practice round. Thorman said he doesn’t regret his decision to come to Webster.

“(Dakin) kind of just reeled me in, and said it was great. I just wanted to see what it was like,” Thorman said.

Dakin’s mother, Christy Dakin, said Thorman would frequently come over when the two were in junior high and high school. Thorman is the only male sibling in his family, and often went to Dakin’s house because he has all male siblings.

“When Brodie went off to school and Tyler stayed at Western (Ill.), they continued to remain friends,” Christy Dakin said. “And whenever Brodie would come home, he would hang out at Tyler’s apartment (at Western Illinois).”

Christy Dakin said she was glad Thorman transferred to Webster. She sees this as a good way for the two to continue their friendship.

“They were both very excited to be able to have the opportunity to play golf at Webster, and to be able to live together (at Webster),” Christy Dakin said.

Thorman said the transition to D-III has been easy because he only has to walk 18 holes per day in a tournament. D-1 competitors play 54 holes in two day tournaments. Thorman said his preparation before tournaments is exactly the same, but he likes not walking 36 holes in one day.

Dakin introduced Thorman to head golf coach Andrew Belsky. Belsky said he was excited Thorman came to Webster. He believes Thorman’s friendship with Dakin will allow him to fit in with the Gorlok golf team.

“It makes for a great team bonding part right away that we didn’t have to work on,” Belsky said.

Once the fall golf season ends, Thorman will begin practicing with the basketball team. Men’s basketball head coach Chris Bunch said transfers have come in and started right away, such as junior center Aaron Griffin.

“It takes a guy some time in some cases to get back into the swing of things, and (as a coach) you want to allow that and give them an opportunity,” Bunch said.

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