More students visiting counseling centers than ever


The number of college students that are visiting on-campus counseling centers is at an all time high and increasing.  In a report from the Association for Universities and College Counseling Centers, “The number of college students with severe psychological problems continues to increase.”

The most common problems are anxiety, depression and relationship issues.  These issues are sending students to seek help with the resources on campus.

In an article on the Chronicle of Higher Education, two counseling center directors said that counseling centers are as busy as they ever have been.

The report found, “Over the past six years, anxiety, in particular, appears to have prompted more students to visit counseling centers. In 2006, 34 percent of students visiting centers cited anxiety; by 2012, that number had grown to 42 percent.”

The report also states that counseling centers at small, private universities or colleges receive a higher percentage of student visits than those at larger, public universities or colleges.

In an interview with the Chronicle, David R. Reetz, counseling center Director at Aurora University, he said, “We believe that students are coming to counseling centers in higher numbers because they feel more comfortable to do so.  … Counseling centers are doing a good job of promoting our services.”

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