Webster University renovates one of its Webster Groves rental properties


Webster University is renovating a home at 8376 Big Bend Blvd., a block away from Sverdrup Hall. The university purchased the house on Sept. 19, 2012 for $385,000, according to Blockshopper.com.

Once renovations are finished later this spring, the university will rent out the property.

PK Construction workers remodel a Webster University-owned house at 8376 Big Bend Blvd. The university purchased the home in September and plans to rent the property. PK Construction is working on interior renovations — mainly to the home’s kitchen and bath. The house has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. PHOTO BY BRITTANY RUESS

“It is our (the university’s) intent to use this property as a residential rental unit that will be leased to new or existing Webster Groves residents,” said Susan Kerth, Webster University spokeswoman.

Kerth also said the house will remain on the City of Webster Groves’ tax roll.

According to the St. Louis County Assessor’s Office, Webster University paid $6,822.28 in real estate taxes for 2012.

The renovations include two phases. Phase one will focus on interior work and phase two will focus on exterior work.

The building permit states phase one will take place during the winter months. It also states if the university has funding and wants to complete phase two, the exterior work will begin in March or April.

Renovations on the property include a portable Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp, hardwood flooring restoration and remodels of the bathroom and kitchen.


Other interior renovations include:

—Fireplace repair.

—Two portable ADA access ramps.

—Installation of Kohler Brand toilet

tissue  holder, towel bar, glass shelf,

mirror and ADA grab bar.

—Installation of glass tile backsplash

in the kitchen after granite counter

tops are installed.

—Installation of  mini-blinds.

—Plaster repairs.

—Carpet removal.

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