Webster art students wanted for sculptures in proposed Webster Groves sculpture park


The Webster Groves City Council will continue to work on the Arts Commission’s proposal for a sculpture park after a council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4. where the project was discussed. The location of the park is planned to be on the corner of Gore and Kirkham avenues in Webster Groves, Mo.

Don Drissell, chairman of the Arts Commission, said the area could hold anywhere from six to 16 pieces of art depending on the size. There are already at least two sculptures, which are in the Webster Groves area, ready to be shipped to the new park.

Drissell’s plan for the sculpture park is to host not just professional art, but also to seek contribution from Webster University and Webster Groves High School art students.

One of the sculptures is by Webster Groves resident, Katherine Mogel and is appraised at $25,000. The piece is the head of a bird with a resemblance of a dove and a colorful flower bud. Drissell said the sculpture was about half the size of the council meeting room — about 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide — and would be a piece community residents could sit on.

Steven Wylie, Webster Groves city manager, said the council has the budget to afford the piece by Mogel. The council also plans to bid on a much smaller item by Ernest Trova, which would cost practically nothing Wylie said.

Webster Groves Councilman Ken Burns said the only problem he sees with the sculpture park proposal is people won’t come to see it. The main reason is due to the corner of the park’s landscape being at the top of a hill. Burns said he thinks this factor will steer community members from walking to the park.

Drissell was encouraged by the council to continue to search for possible art for the park. Other artists he said he’s talked to and seen their work include Evan Lewis, Carol Fleming and Robin Murez. Murez worked with the founder of the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, Bob Cassilly. Cassilly passed away in September 2011, and Murez has two pieces she would like to be placed in the park in memory of Cassilly.

The council said there is still not a timeline as to when shipping of the art or creation of the park will begin. Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch said she is hopeful to have the project done in 2013.


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