Quidditch Club sponsors trivia night

SCOTT LAYNE/ The Journal Team “Better Than Sweeney” Team is just one of the many teams competing to win during the Harry Potter trivia organized by the Quidditch Club on March 15 in the Sunnen Lounge.

“I know this!” Duc Nygen, the president of the Quidditch Club, shouted during the Harry Potter Trivia Night Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Sunnen Lounge at Webster University.

As everyone sat down to their tables and ate as they listened to “A Very Harry Potter Musical” in the background. Sam Jones, the sergeant of arms of the Quidditch Club, thought this was a good alternative to playing Quidditch because of the cold weather.

“It keeps people interested and seemed like a logical choice,” Jones said.

Alex Pierce, who shares the sergeant at arms position with Jones, tripped over a couple of words.

“Don’t worry, I’m not speaking Parseltongue,” Pierce said.

Parseltongue, a language of serpents. Hippogriff, and Avada Kedavra might like another language to some, but the people in attendance understood completely and were focused.

Group names consisted of Bastardly Basilisk, The Hinky Punks, The Order of the Phoenix, Team Under the Stairs, Team Awesome and Team Better than Sweeney Team.

Augusta Vinson, a member of Team Awesome, saw a flyer around campus while walking with a friend and decided to participate.

“We were dying going up the stairs in Webster Hall and while taking a break saw the flyer and was like ‘We should go to that’,” Vinson said.

English professor Teresa Sweeney, who taught the Harry Potter freshman seminar, played on The Order of the Phoenix team.

The event was broken up into three rounds. Each round consisted of 20 questions and one bonus question. The categories ranged from easy, medium and hard and the room fell into debate as soon as a question was given.

“We have been taking internet quizzes to prepare,” Vinson said.

When discussion took place to a particularly hard question Jones or Pierce requested the appointed team mascot to raise their hand when ready to move on the next question.

Other teams tried to trip up or give the crowd a quick laugh by answering a question with a wrong answer. Pierce asked the crowd, “What was Ronald Weasley afraid of the most?”

A member of Team Better than Sweeney Team responded with commitment.

The first and second round shook up a couple of groups, but they remained positive.

Allie Magee, who was in Team Hinky Punk, thought her team did well during the first two rounds and remained positive during the hardest round.

The Order of the Phoenix won the trivia night and won with 113 points. Team Better than Sweeney Team came in second place with 111 points and in third place was The Hinky Punks with 110 points.

The Quiddich Club had a $100 limit to buy prizes. They manage to purchase Harry Potter themed gifts such as key chains, silly bandz, a lego set, wall art and an unofficial cookbook.

“It was between buying a bunch of really crappy stuff or only a little bit of stuff that people really enjoy,” Jones said.

No wands were in attendance at this event — just plain competition.

Sweeney didn’t really have to help her group.

“It was a lot of fun, good energy and friendly rivalry,” Sweeney said.

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