Three car break-ins occur on same day



(Webster Groves, Feb. 10, 2010) Three crimes are now under investigation by the Webster Groves Police Department after multiple cars were broken into on the Webster Groves campus.

The cars, parked on lots D, H and K, were broken into on the same day on Jan. 27 around the same time in the afternoon.

Two of the cars were forcibly opened and one was left unlocked.  None of the cars were damaged, but items of less than $500 in value were taken from each car.

Director of Public Safety Dan Pesold said this type of act is not common on the Webster University campus.

“Most crimes are crimes of opportunity,” Pesold said. “Sometimes you get those random occurrences where someone will walk by and see something on the front seat and they break in. It’s highly unusual for this area, but it does happen.”

Though the crimes are currently under investigation, Webster Groves Police Lt. Andy Miller said it can be hard to find a lead in these situations.

“Because of the nature of this type of crime, they can be difficult to solve,” Miller said. “We do make every effort.”

If caught, the severity of the punishment can vary depending on which court the case goes to, the dollar value of the items taken and whether there was any damage done to the cars.

Dean of Students Ted Hoef said that if a Webster student committed the crimes he might take further action.

To prevent similar crimes from happening, Pesold advises students to remove any valuables from their car before leaving it, and to report any                  suspicious activity.

“If you see anything out of the ordinary or just take that extra moment to put your stuff in your glove box, it’ll be worth it,” he said.

Pesold and Miller were unable to give any further comment while the crimes are under investigation.

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