Three residential assistants step down


By Colin Reischman

Three West Hall Residential Assistants have stepped down   from their positions, John Buck, associate dean of students and director of Housing and Residential Life, confirmed Tuesday night.
Buck stated that the decision for the students to leave was the result of an investigation conducted by Housing and Residential Life.
“The University policy is to not discuss Human Resources issues publically,” Buck said. “It’s the same for our Residential Life staff.”
Buck confirmed that three RAs, Fletcher Bohne, Tony Burgesen and Christopher Robinson, had all been informed by letter that they would no longer be part of the West Hall residential life staff.
“The letter they recieved, once the investigation was concluded, informed them about their status on staff,” Buck said.
Freshmen West Hall student Rachel Kaufer said floor meetings were held on Monday to discuss the change.
Kaufer indicated that the decision had come after Bohne, Burgeson and Robinson were caught drinking alcohol in campus dormitories.
Bohne, who served as a RA for Kaufers floor since the beginning of the semester, informed the residents he’d be stepping down from his position as the result of an alcohol incident.
Buck wouldn’t comment on involvement of alcohol in the decision, citing university policy.
University policy stipulates that Residential Life staff must vacate campus living facilities upon leaving their position.
Buck indicated that all three RAs would be vacating their dorms well before the end of Spring I.
“I’ve had conversations with (the RAs) to decide on the best date for them to vacate,” Buck said. “Our concern is making the transition smooth for them.”
“People have parties in the dorms, but I didn’t know of any on my floor lately,” Kaufer said. “But Fletcher told us he’d be stepping down. He was in trouble for drinking.”
Bohne, Burgesen and Robinson declined to comment on the university decision.

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