February 18, 2020

Author: Guest Commentary

Webster administration’s arbitrary financial decisions need greater accountability

In an article on Susan Polgar’s blog, Schuster said, “For the first time in the almost 100-year history of our university, we are the national champion.” Every Webster University club, athletic team or activity participant should feel insulted by this insinuation. Unlike the prodigal chess team, the majority of Webster University’s sports teams and clubs are underfunded, but still excel on a successful level despite discomfort.

Missing Missouri

Spending this semester in London has changed me so much. I am faced every day with challenging situations that help me to grow as a citizen of the world, and…

The London Riots

[caption id="attachment_6180" align="alignright" width="200" caption="PHOTO COURTESY OF GRANT WESTHOFF"][/caption] Sometime during my stay in London, there were all these riots going on and all these students were coming together and…