September 25, 2017


Thank you for considering advertising with the award winning Journal at Webster University! The Journal has many qualities that your business will find attractive. As the official news source for Webster University, students, faculty and staff turn to us for all the news on Webster campuses worldwide. When you advertise with The Journal, students and their families will see it.

And with a portion of our students being commuters, The Journal travels across the St. Louis metro area.

On behalf of the staff at The Journal, thank you for considering advertising with us. We look forward to helping your business prosper in the future.

National Rates and Discounts


Local Rates and Discounts



Classified line ads cost $20 for 1-50 words. Beyond 50 words, it is $0.05 extra per word.

Classifieds are $10 for 1-50 words for Webster University students.

To bold face any part is $5.00 extra.

Discounts do not apply to classifieds.


Inserts are charged per page with a minimum of 1,000 inserts.

1-4 pages = $50 per thousand 5-8 pages = $55 per thousand 8 + pages = $60 per thousand

Inserts are subject to approval by the Advertising Manager. All inserts must be shipped to the printer one week prior to publication.

Please ship all inserts to: Missourian Publishing 6321 Bluff Rd. P.O. Box 336 Washington, MO, 63090 Attn.: Ken Marquart Journal Insert

Color Charges

Charges for color are as follows and are added to the base cost of the ad:

Full color (4-color) = $300


Space and art deadline: 5 p.m. the Friday before the publication date.

Make-Up Requirements

Advertisements are sold in column widths only, unless authorized.

No display advertising will be published upside-down, sideways, or in any other manner not keeping with quality newspaper make-up.

The Journal reserves the right to border all but full page ads. Artwork, photos, logos, etc. must be black and white for best reproduc-tion. Adobe PDF format is preferred for electronic submission by e-mail, Apple formatted diskette or CD.

Errors & Cancellations

The Journal shall not be responsible for typographical errors that do not decrease the value of the advertisement. Liability for any error is limited to the cost of space occupied by the error and to the first insertion of the erroneous advertisement. Make-good ads, which will be run at the discre-tion of the Advertising Manager, will be scheduled during the semester in which the ad that was in error appeared in The Journal.

All scheduled display advertisements canceled after the space reservation deadline will be charged for one-half of the space reserved.


The Journal is printed once a week and distributed every Thursday.

The Journal has a press run of 3,000 issues placed at more than 45 locations across the St. Louis area. So how do I figure out the price?

Purchasing advertising is a very simple task with The Journal. Here is a quick primer on how to figure out discounts and prices.

Example: You have decided that you have enough money budgeted to run a quarter (1/4) page ad with The Journal 4 issues in a row. To figure out the initial price, we take our base price of $180 and multiply it by the number of issues, four. $180 x 4 = $720. We then take that total, $720 and take off the frequency discount of 8%. $720 – (8% of $720 or $57.60) = 662.40

If you decide to prepay, you will receive an extra 5% off. To determine the price with multiple discounts, first add all the discounts up. In our example, 8% (frequency) + 5% (prepay) = 13%. 13% of $720 is $93.60, so $720 – $93.60 = $626.40. As always, The Journal staff is always glad to do the dirty math work for you.

Advertising Policy

The advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify The Journal against any and all liability, loss or expense arising from claims of libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practice, infringement of trademarks, trade names or patents, violations of rights of privacy and infringement of copyrights and proprietary rights resulting from the publication of the advertiser’s advertisement.

Advertisements having the appearance of editorial material must have the word “Advertisement” printed above them, and The Journal reserves the right to insert the words “Paid Advertisement.”

Placements and page position of advertisements will not be sold, implied or guaranteed, but requests will be honored when possible.

A sample of all advertised mail order items must be submitted prior to publication of advertising. Advertising produced by The Journal shall be its property and shall not be reproduced or used without The Journal’s consent.

Any advertisement written in a language other than English must be submitted with an English translation verified by the appropriate Webster University foreign language department chairperson.

Standards of Acceptability

All advertising is subject to the approval of the acceptance committee. The committee shall be made up of the Advertising Manager, Editor-in-chief and General Manager and reserves the right to refuse any advertising. The committee reserves the right to refuse any advertising content that does not meet The Journal’s standards of acceptability.

Only the publication of an advertisement denotes acceptability by The Journal.

The Journal will not knowingly accept any advertisement that violates a university regulation, city, county, state or federal law.

The Journal will not knowingly accept any advertisement that is potentially libelous against a person or a group of people.

Any advertisement dealing with a politically or socially controversial question will be subject to the approval of the acceptance committee.

The Journal will not knowingly accept advertisements including false or misleading information. The Journal reserves the right to request documentation to support claims that may be deemed misleading by the acceptance committee.

Advertisements discriminating against any person or group of persons based on race, sex, sexual orientation, age, color, creed, religion, nationality or disability will not be accepted.

The Journal will not accept any advertisement for adoption purposes except as placed by a legally recognized adoption agency.

Advertisements for pre-written academic work such as term-papers, themes or research themes will not be accepted. Beer, wine and liquor advertising is accepted. Billing & Credit Policy

Statements are mailed on the Friday following publication. All accounts are due and payable 30 days after receipt of statement.

Accounts more than 30 DAYS PAST DUE will be granted additional advertising only at the discretion of the Advertising Manager and General Manager. Any advertiser whose billing becomes 60 DAYS PAST DUE will not be able to advertise until the entire balance, including the 30 day past due late charge and current balance is paid in full. (Late charge is the equivalent of 24.99% APR calculated daily after 30 days.)

The Journal reserves the right to require prepayment for any advertisements.

All non-local advertisers must pre-pay for advertising in cash or cashier’s check, money order or certified check unless ads are place through a recognized advertising agency or national representative.

Political ads must be paid in advance, plainly identify the sponsor of the group or candidate and conform to all Missouri laws pertaining to political advertising. All advertisements placed in The Journal for a local political candidate or party will be charged according to the earned rate schedule stated on the rate card. State or national candidate advertising will be billed at the national rate.

One tearsheet per advertisement is provided with the weekly bill for display advertising. Up to three tearsheets will be provided upon request. Additional tearsheets and copies of bills will be provided for a nominal charge.

Advertisers and agencies forwarding orders to The Journal which contain incorrect rates or conditions are hereby advised that the advertising called for will be inserted and charged at the regular schedule of rates and conditions in effect at the time.

The Journal reserves the right to change advertising rates and policies set forth on the rate card at any time upon thirty (30) days notice.