Thursday, June 8, 2023
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2023 Special Edition

Neighbors & Neighborhoods

In St. Louis, you can explore an entirely different landscape within just a few blocks. The Irish community in Dogtown honors its heritage with the St. Patrick’s Day parade. A short walk north will land you in Forest Park, where you’ll encounter remnants of the 1904 World’s Fair. A quick commute on Lindell Boulevard will bring you to the Central West End, the heart of St. Louis’ growing chess scene. These neighborhoods — and the neighbors who make them up — have countless stories to tell. For our Spring 2023 Special Edition, The Journal zoomed in on the map of St. Louis: into homes, restaurants and family-owned markets. Into celebrations of the city’s rich history, and the institutions committed to preserving it. Inside, you’ll find three sections: People, Way of Life and Roots. People contains stories of dynamic figures and their impact on their communities. Way of Life explores cultural celebrations and local traditions. Roots details neighborhood histories, their harried pasts and those working to share their stories. Walk with us through the neighborhoods that make up our city, and meet the neighbors who keep them alive.

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