Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Former Webster University student detained by ICE, threatened with deportation

Francis Ladege immigrated to the U.S. from Sudan when he was nine years old. He has been a U.S. resident for 18 years. After several run-ins with the law, Ladege finds himself faced with indefinite detainment and possible deportation.

Adjunct professor assaulted at downtown campus, suspect arrested

A suspect has been charged with third-degree assault in the Wednesday evening attack of a Webster adjunct on Olive St. in the vicinity of the Gateway Campus in downtown St. Louis.

Culture Chat seeks to increase inclusion on campus

The biweekly event Culture Chat encourages students to get to know their fellow diverse students and develop new friendships.

Conservatory prepares for virtual performance

The Conservatory faces new challenges every day while preparing for their first shows of the season. They don't plan on letting the complications stop...

Student band Big Tobacco to headline campus concert

After a year long hiatus, local indie band Big Tobacco has returned to the music scene. The band will play one of its first...
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Journalists need to do better

Journalists, and the internet, need to stop bringing the underage children of political figures into the fight. We must start considering the ethics of...

PHOTOS: Protests across St. Louis advocate against racism

Juneteenth is recognized as the day the last enslaved persons were freed from Galveston, TX two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This photo series...

Latinas headline at Superbowl half-time show

The 2020 Superbowl hosted a series of historical milestones. But, as we celebrate our champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, it is worth remembering that not all of this season’s wins took...

Vote on smoking ban awaiting admin approval

Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) approved a measure for students to vote on whether or not they want to ban smoking on campus. The ban would include electronic cigarettes, vape pens and oral tobacco products. The policy states exceptions will be made to students who live on campus, but those students will have to get approval from the Office of Housing and Residential Life. SGA is in the final steps of getting the policy on next month's ballot and is awaiting final word from administration.

Bomb threat cancels military campus classes

Night classes were canceled at Webster University’s Scott Air Force Base (SAFB) location after a bomb threat was called in at the base. Parts of...

K-pop class returns for registration

The class is open for spring 2020 registration.  As K-pop gains popularity, Webster gains a new class that gives students a different perspective on music....

The Confucius Institute celebrates Chinese Near Year

The Confucius Institute celebrated this year's Chinese New Year with a speech from a Chinese-American writer and heavy metal musician and musical performances by the St. Louis Language Immersion School.
Webster senior creates fashion line inspired by challenges he faced

Webster senior creates fashion line inspired by challenges

Jahmad "Biggie" Wilburn has faced challenge after challenge in his life. That did not stop him from following his dreams, on and off the...

Webster ends round two in first place

Susan Polgar was worried about Webster's chances of holding this year's trophy after a tough loss. Then Webster made a comeback.

Letter to the Editor: “Two Muslim students don’t represent every Muslim student”

Webster student Hafsa Mansoor responds to The Journal's story "Muslim students find acceptance at Webster." Mansoor writes that the story failed to present different perspectives from Muslims on campus, citing her own personal experiences of Islamophobia at Webster.

Student-athletes encourage using platform to create change

Whether it is kneeling or going to the locker room during the national anthem, Webster athletes have used their platforms to raise awareness about...

Board of Trustees appoints Stroble chancellor, Schuster president

Chancellor Elizabeth Stroble said the changes in administration adhere to the 2015 "Strategic Plan," "Global Impact for the Next Century." On Thursday, Sept. 19, Board...