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Free Thai Food. This three letter phrase attracted over 100 guests on the front porch of the Love Alumni House November 12th 2010. International Studies Professor Yupa Saisanan Na Ayudhya helped prepare Thai curry at the food festival. The food festival culminated the end of International week.

Bobby Trussell
(Webster Groves-November 17,2010)

The Thai Food Festival line to get food never slowed down.

The meal was free, and students enjoyed beautiful weather, 72 degrees on a November afternoon. The front porch of the Love Alumni Foundation house was packed with hungry Gorloks.

International studies Professor Yupa Suisanan Na Ayudhya had the event in the Sunnen Lounge last year. She decided to switch the venue, giving the festival a new feel.

” We thought it would be better if we had it at the alumni house this year,” said Professor Yupa

Webster students looked less than enthusiastic when they had to wait in line for the tasty Thai cuisine.

” I’ve been in line waiting for food about 15 minutes now, ” said Todd Burgeson.

Student volunteers were able to get hands on experience with Thai culture by cooking food for others. The food served at the festival included beef curry,
Thai sweet and spicy noodles, and raw chicken chopped up and cooked in some cream soup.

“ The Thai culture explores the sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spicy taste buds,” said Alex Wiseman.

The Thai food festival culminated International week for The MCISA, and assistant student program director Frank Hartfield was pleased with the event.

“ It’s satisfying to see people coming, us running out of food, I think it really shows how successful the event was,” said Hartfield.

The Thai Food Festival was open to students and faculty, and best of all it was free.

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