April 26, 2015
Webster University archives
Brig. Gen. Mike Callan, USAF (Ret.), Webster University’s Associate Vice President for Military and Government Programs attends “Salute to the Troops” in downtown St. Louis. Webster sponsored the event.

Webster invests in extended military campuses

Webster University, then Webster College, accepted an invitation from the Department of Defense (DOD) to deliver education to the military in 1974. For the first time, students affiliated with the military would receive a college education within the gates of their own military installation.

Geneva '80s

Study abroad program offers Webster education in Europe, Africa and Asia

Former European Director Robert Spencer became directly involved in the Geneva campus October 1995. He served as the director there for 18 years. “It’s almost as if a light bulb went off for Webster to realize that these (foreign) campuses were perfectly suitable locations for study abroad programs for our students here in St. Louis,” Spencer said.

COURTESY OF CLAUDIA BURRIS Jacqueline Grennan Wexler, Webster College president from 1965-1969, died in her Florida home on Thurdsday, Jan. 19. She was 85 years old. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLAUDIA BURRIS