March 19, 2018

Author: Megan Favignano


Managing bias during budget cut discussions

As you read the story, “Student media may see budget cut in fall” you may recognize the names of a few of the quoted individuals from our staff box. As a reader, you deserve to know what if any biases may be present in The Journal’s reporting, and what we’ve done to minimize bias. The story is about next fiscal year’s budget, specifically for student media in the School of Communications (SOC).

Photo Contributed by Webster Athletics
Sue McClintock served a variety of roles in her time at Webster University Athletics. She even wore the Gorlok mascot costume on occasion.
Provost Julian Schuster discusses budget at Faculty Assembly on Feb. 6. PHOTO BY HOLLY SWAN/The Journal
Photo Contributed by Webster Athletics
Angela Martinez Brooks knocks a ball off of her head on the soccer field. She was inducted into the Webster Athletics Hall of Fame on Feb. 8 for her contributions to the team. Brooks graduated in 2003.