January 27, 2020

Author: Macy Salama

The Grammy Awards more notable than Kanye West

The only thing worse than Kanye West attempting to interrupt the Grammy Awards on Sunday is that the public has made him the main focus of the night. Somehow a 10-second clip of Kanye West being downright disrespectful is blowing up on social media, but the large portion of the award show that promoted equality has been forgotten.

WU uses Luhr Library four years after purchase

[caption id="attachment_26916" align="alignright" width="275"] President Elizabeth Stroble during spring convocation.[/caption] Webster University purchased Luhr Library from Eden Theological Seminary over four years ago, but it was not used until Jan.…

Thank you, St. Louis

“The shooting of Michael Brown has started a conversation. No matter what the opinion is on the situation, the topic of justice needs to be talked about, not ignored.”