Monday, May 16, 2022

Second FallFest carnival is a wild ride

For the second year in a row, Campus Activities helped celebrate Webster University homecoming weekend by holding a carnival behind the University Center. The carnival has replaced the traditional fall concert with a more family-friendly outdoor experience.

Webster graduate acts in award-winning film project

Webster graduate Chad Emery starred in Webster Geneva's Amnah Abudawood's award-winning short film.

A new chef in the kitchen

Jonanthan Kraft brings international cuisine to Webster as the new head chef at Marletto's Marketplace.

Get lost with Liz: How to tackle homesickness while abroad

Study abroad student overcomes longing for home with a weekend trip to Berlin.

Pixar goes prehistoric

Webster University animation majors asked Pixar Animation Studios effects artist Michael O’Brien what a studio like the animation giant was looking for in a...

Notes from a Human

Sunday, April 10 6:43 P.M. They are lying. They all are lying. I can tell just by looking at their faces. They rather let innocent people die and cover up their own asses then tell us all the truth about what’s going on. They say there is no infection yet we are still having a meeting tonight? More to come…

Take a language vacation

The International Language and Cultures Department holds the Intensive Weekend annually and this particular weekend saw students encouraged to do one thing: speak only German.

William Penn University gears up for first HvZ game

Student Joe Stutting is bringing Humans vs. Zombies to his campus, William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Up in the air

Joselyn Simms pulls herself onto a trapeze hanging above a tile floor in Satori Gallery. She bites her lip in concentration, making a concerted effort to breathe as she begins to spin, flip and dive, striking graceful poses.

VIDEO: Two Greek organizations earn recognition at annual step show competition

Webster University's Gospel Choir hosted the second annual "Break the Stage" event.

For a healthier life

Zoë Kennison, freshman, finds inspiration after working at a weight loss camp to become a dietician. To do so, though, she must transfer schools.

The farmers market guide

As summer closes, some markets keep their doors open

Emerging playwrights of Webster

Student group Surfacing displays seven works during annual one-act play festival

Dancing for the chorus

Muny hosted auditions for their 2012 dance chorus line at the Community Music School, from Feb. 4-5.

The band Dots Not Feathers will reveal its new sound at the Firebird

Dots Not Feathers will reveal its new sound at the Firebird tonight. The band is in the process of recording a new album.

Q&A with Dora Trenbeath

The stage manager of ‘The Children’s Hour’ explains her role, discusses her approach to the play.