Old bands reunite, release new single

Alex Wilking
Alex Wilking

When I was in middle school, AFI was my jam.

Most of my classmates were listening to the entirety of their 2006 album Decemberunderground to get through the eighth grade year. That album was glued to my ears for much of the school year. And after looking into what the band was up to a few months ago, I was surprised to find a refined, mature group that had two new singles out something that hadn’t happened since their last album in 2009.

Something is happening in the music world. All the bands that guided me through school growing up, the groups that influenced our generation— they’re all returning. These artists are staples of my college life. Everything I listen to now is a result of these groups molding my tastes from an early age, and shaping my listening future by solidifying what I find enjoyable in music. These bands are coming back and giving much of the Webster body a large dose of nostalgia.

Take for example, Fall Out Boy. The band’s hit singles became anthems for teens across America. The band then announced hiatus in 2009. But just this past April, the band reunited to make a chart-topping release, one of my favorites this year. Even the title- “Save Rock and Roll,”- made me think of how the band was returning to take the reins of the music scene.

What does this mean for us, the consumers and listeners? For many, these comebacks mean nothing. But these new albums, new singles, they’re for us. Many of these groups are reuniting after a breakup. These bands seem to have been resting and waiting for when they could return and reclaim the music scene for those who made them who they are.

Another good example of this is the rock group Cute is What We Aim For. The band recently released a new single titled “A Closed Mind with an Open Mouth,” one of their first releases in about five years. After the band played at Webster’s SpringFest 2013 in April, it was clear the group was hoping to return with a new look and sound. But in a way, the same demographic—the kids; the people who made them well-known with their older material, and the grown-up, young adults who would listen to it again.

Even the Backstreet Boys, the childhood band of many students on this campus, has returned after almost six years of hiatus and are talking about a new release in the coming months. Panic! at the Disco and Paramore are others that are still pumping out music that seems to surface every few years, because their fan base hasn’t abandoned them yet.

Music isn’t just about composition, it’s about emotion and the way it leaves us feeling. New releases, new singles, even comeback tours should excite us. These bands made an impact on our lives, so let’s enjoy the nostalgia and feel young again. I for one am excited to see what each one of these returning artists has up their sleeves.

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