Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Letter to the Editor

A Webster University athlete expresses her appreciation for an opinion piece regarding school spirit.

Anti-HvZ response letter

A letter is in response to The Journal’s Letter to the Editor last week entitled, “Why you shouldn’t play Humans vs. Zombies.”

Guest Commentary: Celebrate the success of your peers

I am writing in response to Joshua Ritchey‘s guest commentary about our administration’s support of the Webster University chess team.

Mary Jane and The Man

Prohibition is the lazy man’s law — Let’s talk about marijuana, America

American Savage: Nazi Zombies

Are you familiar with the Nazi argument? Perhaps that needs clarification. How often have you seen someone invoke the memory of Nazi’s to win a trivial discussion?


By Jennifer Sarti Part of being a photography major at Webster University allows me to study the great photographers that came before us, including Lewis...

Black Friday: Here for a bargain

Every year, millions of people across the United States have to suffer through Thanksgiving dinner. Their family asks them why they are still single...

Editorial: SGA should focus on student advocacy

There are few issues that arise at Webster University which elicit a public stance from The Journal’s editorial staff. The current Student Grant Fund (SGF) controversy surrounding Student Government Association (SGA) has become one of those issues.

This week in love

Celebrities’ revolving door marriages are ruining it for the rest of us

Mind Over Media: Nerd out with reference culture

Journal opinions editor Cait Lore talks about the referential comedy in Big Bang Theory, and what that says about pop culture.
The Standard front page

Controversial quotes inspire social conscience

Lifestyle Editor Matt Duchesne was shocked by the racial slurs quoted on the front page of MSU's student newspaper, The Standard, but later realized strong words have power to incite change.

Future History: Why the world has to take Palestinian statehood seriously

The debate about Palestine should be about the future, not the past.

Letter to the editor

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Katie Maxwell. I’ve served on Student Government Association (SGA) for the last year and a half as senator of the College of Fine Arts, secretary, and currently as student organization liaison. Most importantly, though, I am a student advocate. Advocacy isn’t established through a title, but through the actions one takes.

Private Practice

Technology is outpacing the law and complicating the 4th Amendment

Five spring break getaways in five hours or less

If you need a last-minute adventure this spring break, you’re in luck. St. Louis is the perfect Midwestern city for a road trip. As...

Letter to the editor: Webster Groves resident suggests potential Delegates’ Agenda items

Webster Groves resident Dave Buck weighs in on potential Delegates' Agenda items. Student leaders will vote on issues to present to the administration at Officers' Summit on Feb. 1.