Friday, January 21, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Trump losing the Latin-American vote by landslide

By Martin Dassum For Latin Americans around the world, the 2016 presidential election is a crucial event. I am not talking only about the relevance...

Adjunct calls for solidarity

"Webster operates the same way Walmart does: it passes on the cost of its personnel to others." Philosophy Professor Steve Findley writes a letter to the editor in support of adjunct unionization.

Letter to the Editor: Webster U/Eden lawsuit is not the only path

Two paths diverged in the wood and, if Webster U, Eden and the City of Webster Groves take the path less traveled, it will make all the difference. Webster Groves resident Dave Buck writes a letter to the editor sharing his perspective on the lawsuit.

Competing story lines

By Andrew Moss, Literature Professor at California State Polytechnic University When he ran for reelection in 2012, Barack Obama told TV interviewer Charlie Rose that the...

Letter to the Editor: Dead-in degrades deaths

Webster alumnus Jonathan Pfeifer feels the AAAC's dead-in protest was tactless and questions the logic of such demonstrations.

Letter to the Editor: Billboard adds to prestige

Gretchen Daniels, junior, discusses the benefits of Webster's chess billboard.

In regards to safe spaces and the AAAC pieces in The Journal

By Monica Esquivel, class of 2018 To The Journal Staff: I am a sophomore at Webster University, and in my time here, I saw The Journal as a...

Letter to the editor: Students don’t speak up about ADP, they grumble

In this letter, Zeke Spellazza, Management major, questions the legitimacy of Webster students' issues with ADP and the effort they put into resolving these problems.

Letter to the Editor: Say all lives matter, but do they really?

By Mia Malcolm Picture it: America, 1492. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was such a beautiful meeting for native peoples, filled with genocide and...

Letter to the Editor: Colorblindness has to end

By N’Dea Collins-Whitfield Hi Webster Journal, I wanted to first state that this is my response as an undergraduate student, as of four years attending...

Letter to the Editor: Working together to pass comprehensive ethics reform

By Jay Nixon Missourians deserve a state government that reflects their values of honesty, integrity and accountability.  And while there are a great many dedicated...