Thursday, May 19, 2022

Study abroad students use ‘Facebook for Travelers’

Webster students find home with strangers through social networking site,

Freshman performs on national television

Webster student to appear on new televised talent competition hosted by Nick Cannon.

Springfest 2015: Q&A with A Great Big World

The Journal caught up with the musical duo to discuss their college years, their advice to music students and their excitement for playing at Webster on April 18.

PHOTO: A ghostly night of gambling

All bets were off as the ghouls and goblins of Webster University met up at the University Center to show off their costumes and...

Craig Miller Sr. builds foundation at Webster

Craig Miller, Sr.'s dedication to architecture at Webster has produced state-of-the-art buildings like the East Academic Building and The Interdisciplinary Sciences Building. His love and appreciation for architecture is deeply rooted in his family's history.

Tuvan throat singers perform at Webster

Imagine a smooth baritone voice singing deep from the stomach. Now swirl it with a soft light sound that resembles a small bird. Both of these sounds came from the throats of a four singers from Tuva, located in a small republic in Central Asia.

St. Louis goes on a ‘Ride Along’

Actors Ice Cube and Kevin Hart recently stopped by St. Louis to promote their new film, Ride Along 2, the sequel to the 2013...

Student with cerebral palsy overcomes the odds

Danielle Minor, who was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around, has spent her life defying expectations. At 49, she’s pursuing two degrees at Webster University with ambitions of becoming a lawyer.

Symone Sanders visits Webster for spring Virtual Headliner Series

Symone Sanders, who serves as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' senior advisor and chief spokesperson, spoke to Webster students on Jan. 11. On Jan. 11, Webster...

Young stands strong

Webster University Student Government Association Senator Andrew Young was in a car accident when he was a sophomore in high school. He was told by doctors he may never be able to walk again. The diagnosis proved to be incorrect.

Webster alumnae teach English abroad

Jenni Taylor said she first taught abroad in Iquitos, Peru while she was on a gap year between high school and college. She was...

Broke and Abroad – Students ponder living penniless in a foreign country

Alison Bacon thought she had enough money when she went to Vienna, turns out she did not. But that doesn't matter to her now.

Around the world with the Festival of Nations

International vendors set up booths in Tower Grove Park for the annual Festival of Nations.

Brittany Larimore Official: Painting Global Cinematic Citizens

Film enthusiasts are introduced to global citizens via wide-ranging characterization, and through this connection gain global citizenship themselves.

Back to school

When Tarah Flanagan walks into her classes at Webster University, she knows exactly how her students feel — it wasn’t long ago that she was in their place.

Alumna still swims at Webster

Edie Powers, 62, swims a mile a day in UC pool. Powers began swimming with her parents 58 years ago.