July 5, 2020

Author: Randi Hammor

Going through “The Grind”

Webster University student Max Friedman was one of 250 submitted short LGBTQ plays for the BRIEFS Festival. His play about love and the art of communication was one of those chosen and was directed by Conservatory assistant professor Gad Guterman.

Missouri primary: students poll on importance of issues

Missouri is set to have its 2016 primary March 15. On the surface, the primaries are where voters can select their preferred candidate from the current runners. However, by selecting a candidate voters are also designating which candidate the states’ delegates are committed to. The Journal polled 100 students on what political issues matter to them. The economy, college affordability and employment were among the top concerns of Webster students.

Vet center opens on campus

The Home Depot awarded Webster University’s Student Veterans Organization (SVO) with a $9,000 grant for a Veterans Center on campus. SVO President Tom Palozola secured the grant by writing a business plan detailing the grants uses and how Webster planned to sustain veteran success.

All Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Police lives matter. All lives matter. This is a narrative that is circulating the nation right now and has been since black teenager Michael Brown was killed…