March 20, 2018

Author: Lara Hamdan

A still from YouTuber Karim Metwaly's anti-catcalling video
Farish signing a copy of his book for a reader. / photo by Lara Hamdan
MSA members Anas Alzahrani and Hafsa Mansoor, along with sophomore Sajeda Issa were stationed at different events throughout the night. Alzahrani wrote Arabic calligraphy. Mansoor set up a video station where she asked guests questions about their knowledge of Islam and Issa drew henna designs. / photo by Lara Hamdan
Webster University professor Dan Hellinger plays the guitar alongside bandmate Adrienne Burke in a Sutton Street Shuffle concert that took place Thursday, Oct. 2 at Evangeline’s Bistro. Hellinger divides his free time between the two bands that he is a member of: Maple Jam and Sutton Street Shuffle. / photo by Jordan Palmer
Muslims spoke out against society's expectation for their apology of ISIS on Twitter with the "Muslim Apologies" hashtag.
Brendan Woods read a passage from "Captain Underpants: The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby" to lighten the mood at the read-out event. "It's important to raise awareness about banned books because a lot of people don't know that banned books were such a big deal and (people) are still trying to ban books," he said. / photo by Lara Hamdan