October 21, 2017

Author: Bill Loellke


Battling narcolepsy with nutrition

Webster University student Charissa Martin considered herself the “always-sick, never-feels-good” girl who normally took around six medications at once. But after adopting a gluten-free diet as a way to combat her narcolepsy, she has seen a huge improvement in her day-to-day life.

Mark Glenshaw searches for owls in Forest Park. / photo by Erin Shildmyer

On the prowl for owls

In 2005, Mark Glenshaw found a pair of great horned owls in Forest Park. He named them Charles and Sarah. That meeting led to his many public owl prowls and talks as “The Owl Man.”

Photo contributed by PAUL WOODWARD 
Webster University senior goalkeeper Brian Woodward sets up a goal kick during a game last season at Soccer Park. Woodward is trying out for STLFC.
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